Finishing Process

At Hi-Tech, we are experts in machining high precision parts for the commercial, Motion Control, Medical & optical industries. We are equipped to handle high production, precision CNC machining, as well as fast turn-around on short run parts.

Along with precision CNC machining, Hi-Tech has a wide variety of approved vendors that allow us to finish parts to your design specs. These processes include, but are not limited to:

* Cadmium Plating
* Electroless Nickel
* Anodize (Black, red, Blue, etc...)
* Polishing (in house) & Anodizing for show Shine type finish
* Chrome Plating
* Powder Coating
* Laser Engraving
* Military grade paint or Powder coating
* Silkscreening of logo's and lettering
and more...

All of our vendors provide Certification of their work to the required specification and are audited yearly to ensure continued quality service.

Anodizing is a process developed to protect aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than the original aluminum alloy. An extremely hard aluminum oxide is grown out of the surface during anodizing, and the porous nature of this anodized layer allows the product to be dyed most any color desired.